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23.10.07 22:17 - Day Six

[[Written in English]]

I have decided against writing in German so that I might be able to communicate with the majority of the people here. I realize that while we come from different countries, English seems to be the common linking language.

A. B. Our meeting yesterday was enjoyable. Let us at some point meet one another again. What do you think? <
In the excitement I have had no time to properly work on finding answers to the mysteries of what exactly is going on, but I will start work again shortly.
Has anyone got information that they would like to share about our whereabouts, and whether or not an exit has been found?

16.10.07 20:12 - Day Four

//Written in German//

I've seldom interacted with the others here in this place since the unexpected run in with fuhrer that man that called himself Light.

I have learned two things since arriving here.

1 - I am the only one here from my time.
2 - This is proof of the existence of alternate realities.
Makes me think of the rubbish the Thule Society researched...

I've stayed mainly in the room I found myself waking in four days ago and have left for only a few hours at a time to gather food and maybe a bit of information.
I will explore things more thoroughly once I gain my bearings.
The technology in this place is... amazing...
I cooked food in this device labeled "microwave" in mere minutes!

2.10.07 20:42 - Day One.

 //Written in German//

I'm quite bothered by the events that have transpired here. Just when I was invited to Berlin to give a full report to Fuhrer Licht directly...fucking red soldiers...

I remember hitting the ground, and then I'm awake in what appares to be a dressing room?

Well, that was a few hours ago... I've spent most of my time trying to figure out this device. naturally my job requires I use advanced technology but this is... above and beyond anything I have ever used before.

If I could get back to Berlin with this... there's no telling what we could do.

Are any of the other's here? No... I suppose not. No one else could probably figure this technology out...

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